Spencer Anteater -Monster is main character in Amadeus the Banana is Amadeus's best friend of the group he is monster anteater of gang he is voiced by Noah Z Jones

About Spencer Edit

Spencer too live in Banasville in house nº 2 It's an anteater -monster in the city he likes orange tie and others colors and Other neck appliques he likes To eat insects

Personality Edit

Spencer is one great friend to all hour , he is one cool and sometimes crazy monster-anteater friend of Amadeus

Appearance Edit

Spencer is lit bit tall , skin blue pale , hair in format of nose of anteater , nails , foot with nails , snout (pink)

Trivia Edit

  • he Says Who lives in Australand
  • he is monster-anteater lives in Banasville Who previously lived in Australand
  • he is voiced by Noah Z Jones the creator of Fish Hooks and Pickles and Peanut
  • he likes your things
  • Sometimes to eat he uses his ear that is a type a hair , sometimes is your tongue