Amadeus Reginald Banana I known by Amadeus Banana or Amadeus only your name is main character in Amadeus the Banana he is one anthropomorphic banana Who knows how to speak and move but have no legs and no hands in Season 2, he gains limbs like arms and perkins as if he were a human or a creature he is voiced by James Arnold Taylor

About Amadeus Edit

Amadeus lives in Banasville one neighborhood happy and fun Amadeus has your own house and friends and adventures with your main friends Clinton ,Spencer and sometimes Dingo

Personality Edit

Amadeus is one banana boy ,cool, he is Excited, happy, adventurous sometimes sarcastic at his own hour he is fearless sweet, trustworthy and faithful he is sometimes brave he is more Relaxed and in his For a common banana without life and without being able to speak

Appearance Edit

Amadeus is yellow How other bananas are

Relationships Edit

Spencer Edit

Amadeus has one friendship relationship with Spencer Since childhood revealed by the two their friendship is going well

Dingo Edit

he has one good relationship with Dingo

Clinton Edit

Clinton and Amadeus has one friendship relationship

Trivia Edit

  • Amadeus known speak
  • he is anthropomorphic banana boy

Appearance in Season Edit


Amadeus (formely in Season 1)